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What pushes me to create? Life pushes me. I wake up and see colors. These colors and shapes create what I see everyday. The culture oozing out of my environment. When I say culture, I think about what causes my people to show off their 32s. Teeth that is. Is it their love of their hair? Is it the body positivity & uniqueness of features thats envied by many, replicated by too many but rarely achieve the same affects of awe? Is it the love of dance? Is it the love of the music that makes us move our feet, wind our waists? Is it the theme of family? the last 3 letters, ily= I love you. Is it the thought of breaking this negative notation that love in my culture is only temporary? Because everlasting commitment is so damn beautiful. For me its truly all of that. From the “Black Love” to the “ENERGY” to the “Honor Thy Melanin”. I am not the man I was in 2011 just talking about PervLife & YesLAWD.

What inspires me to be creative? Growth. Complacency keeps kings & queens from reigning lasting empires. Learning new tools and resources and learning to develop new projects is a sight to see. I knew as I printed out in black & white, I wanted to push vibrant content. The colors. The shapes. The nostalgia. Its truly beautiful. It reflects me. Who I truly am. A Wild. Creative. King.

-Y’all Wild. Stay Blessed

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